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Feel like you have tried everything but still can't find balance? Nutrition may be the missing ingredient. And we mean nourishment, not deprivation. From years of experience helping women achieve their health goals, we have proven time and again that we don't have to go hungry, eliminate carbs or take expensive supplements to clean up our food routine...Really! We are excited you found us. You've come to the right place!

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bootcamps // personal nutrition plans // collaborations


next bootcamp starts October 2017! ($45)

WHAT IT IS: The Zest Bootcamp is 28 days of real, nourishing foods. We will give you a new meal plan each week to provide the needed structure, accountability and nutrition expertise to achieve your goals. 

HOW IT WORKS: Each Friday of the Bootcamp, we will send you:

  • Shopping List
  • Weekly Meal Plan (including breakfast, lunch, dinner + two snacks per day) 
  • Easy, nutritionally balanced recipes for a healthy weight and more energy
  • Flexibility, with each Saturday night free to enjoy as you choose
  • Inspiration, motivation, accountability and support!

Get a plan perfect for you ($34)

Step 1: Complete the SUBMISSION FORM + submit payment.

Step 2: We email your Personalized Nutrition Plan, specific to your body, lifestyle and goals within 1 week. We provide recommendations for what and when to eat, as well as how to balance your carbs, proteins and fats to conquer your goals. 

Step 3: You use our guidelines for what, how much and when to eat by selecting the specific foods that work for you. 

Step 4: You squeeze the most out of life by getting the energizing fuel you need! 


Let's work together!

Interested in hosting a workshop at your fitness studio, office or business? 

Want to collaborate on a foodie project?

Interested in recipe development for your product?

Collaborations of all kinds get us excited!! We would love to hear your ideas for partnering up. Drop us a line and let's chat!



your personalized nutrition plan

Please submit payment + the form below and we will get to work on your personalized plan! 

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Happy Clients

I feel freaking awesome!! Fitting into smaller clothes I wore before my pregnancy is great but through this process I learned to love myself despite my weight. I learned that it is OK to eat! Giving myself permission to eat has been huge. For so long I would punish myself for straying from a diet which would lead to a downward spiral. I have become more aware of what I am putting into my body as well as when. I feel like I have the right tools now. Thanks for helping me get my confidence back!
— Danielle
I really found so much value in your program. I feel like I am so much more prepared to get back to my healthy self now! I’m still so excited to cook and giddy when my Sunday prep work is completed. Monday rolls around and I am so much more prepared to take on the week. :)

I eat more complex carbs and no longer calorie count. I have increased the number of times I eat per day and focus on fueling my day as opposed to restricting what I eat to stay lean.

I feel very confident in my knowledge on smart food choices now! The positive feedback and goal setting was also very helpful as it helped accountability but still in a positive environment.

I don’t have any bad feedback! I mean, it ended with a froyo party, tons of extra energy, and almost 10 pounds lost!

Thank you so much for your support. You have started something really wonderful with Zest, and I can’t wait to see it grow and help others the way it helped me.
— Katie
I used to be very legalistic with how I ate. I would beat myself up with negative self-talk if I didn’t eat a certain way. Now I truly feel liberated from food rules for the first time in years. I am listening to and honoring my body.

This is the first time I have lost weight without actually trying. I’ve only ever lost weight by counting calories, restricting way too much and exercising a lot. I feel more confident knowing I can trust my body to tell me what and when to eat. I eat consistently now instead of feeling terrible after binge eating on the weekends.

Now I pack snacks wherever I go. I also batch cook grains weekly. This makes meals much quicker to make. I rarely used to eat whole grains but now I’ve tired so many!

It was helpful to do food logs every day and get feedback. This was instrumental in changing my eating habits. Also, being able to email questions and get a quick response was extremely helpful.

This has changed my life. Thank you!!
— K
[Before working with Zest] I did not realize that my long standing habit of labeling foods as good or bad caused anxiety, as well as deprive and splurge behavior. I now view food as fuel, not deprivation. I learned I have permission to eat a variety of foods.

I had a good idea of what foods are nourishing but I never connected with my responsibility to nourish myself. I have a better attitude about food now and I feel less overwhelmed about making food choices. My clothes fit better. I feel more centered.
— Linda