Transformation | Six Weeks

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Transformation | Six Weeks

6 sessions total:  
Initial 90-minute session + five 50-minute follow ups

Recommended for those who are ready to start a long-term journey, are truly serious about changing their nutrition and seeing a great transformation.

For full detail see below.


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Eat with Zest Nutrition Personal Coaching Transformation in Diet and Energy and More

Each Six Week Transformation Package Includes:




  • Daily food log review + individualized feedback
  • Accountability
  • Weekly goal setting

Week 1:  Develop a Mindset for Success

Week 2:  Individualized Meal Planning

Week 3:  Optimizing Energy & Physical Activity

Week 4:  Grocery Store Tour

Week 5:  Intuitive Eating 101

Week 6:  Completing the Mindful Eating Picture


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