Top 5 Healthy Travel Hacks

Hey there!

On the road again... In fact I am starting to write this from the plane. Thank goodness for in flight wifi! While the jet-setting life might seem glamorous, I have recently been traveling a lot for work and I have a new appreciation for all of the road warriors out there. It is seriously NOT easy to live out of a suitcase (especially when you have to pack more running clothes than work clothes... runner problems, I digress).

I am the first to admit that I am a home body who loves routine and to eat dinner with my hubby, but I am putting my big girl pants on and recognizing that I get to choose to be happy no matter where I am. It is with this intention that I have found some great healthy hacks for keeping my spirits high and my energy higher while I am away from Portland. 

Full disclosure - I stole a few of these from a fellow Lady Boss, Kristin Phillips, who travels all the time for her bad ass career and somehow manages to maintain her social butterfly status, kick my butt on every run AND maintain the most positive, life-is-good attitude. Kristin, if you are reading, you are my inspiration! 

If you are a woman on the road, please share your healthy travel hacks by posting photos with the hashtag #healthytravelhacks on Instagram!

Use and abuse these ladies! Choose happy. Choose healthy. Choose you :)

snacks on the go


1. Pack snacks. 

Whether you are traveling by plane, car, train or boat, you are bound to get hungry during the journey. You never know what delays you will experience or what the dining options will be where you are laying over, driving through, etc. Be prepared with snacks that provide protein and fiber! Best case scenario, go for it and pack a meal or two. I like to stop by Whole Foods Market before hitting the road to grab a few items from prepared foods. Today this saved me! My first flight flew right through lunch, my layover was super short, and my second flight is flying right through dinner. Good thing I stocked up on two pint-sized containers of grain, bean, and veggie salads that kept me fueled up on the good stuff! Otherwise, I guarantee I would arrive starving and hangry on the East Coast with nothing but fast food facing me at the airport. Not cool. 

Does your travel require you to leave super early in the morning? Plan ahead with a transportable breakfast. I wanted to squeeze a run in this morning which was going to leave me very little turn around time to catch my flight. I made broccoli and egg bites in muffin tins the night before so I would be sure to have a grab-and-go breakfast. 


To make these: Whisk together 12 eggs, add 2 cups of finely chopped broccoli, divide into a muffin tin and bake at 350F for 25 minutes. Boom. Done.  

2. Hit up the local grocery store. 

Find the nearest store and grab some of your favorite essentials from home. This is especially important if you don't have access to healthy breakfast in your hotel. If you have a fridge in your room, this is best case scenario! Go crazy with yogurt, cottage cheese, kefir, berries, etc. No fridge? No worries. Did you know you can make oatmeal in your hotel coffee pot?! Just pick up quick oats, peanut butter and fruit of your choice for a power packed breakfast. Start your day of nourished and energized, get that metabolism going and try to mimic the healthy comforts of home.

3. Find an in-room exercise solution.

I'm a runner so I can pretty much put my shoes on and get my heart rate up wherever I am. One thing I really miss on the road is my yoga studio. My solution: Subscription to Yoga Glo + a travel yoga mat like the one featured below that can fold up in my suitcase. I've also checked out some of the Shaun T Fitness DVD's which are super fun, can be played from your computer and are a great way to get your sweat on in a short amount of time! (I have no affiliations with any of the programs listed - I truly use them and like them). 

4. Get your workout done in the morning.

Once you have identified your on-the-road workout of choice, just get it done early. We all know when on the road, there will be happy hours, dinners and after work activities to enjoy. Feel good about connecting with co-workers in the PM because you already worked it out in the AM. Staying active while traveling is probably my key to happiness while away from home! It doesn't have to be the best workout of your life, even a 20 minute dance party before you hop in the shower will do. Believe me - this is one of my go-to workouts when I need to prioritize a little more sleep :)

5. Enjoy one glass of wine with dinner

I repeat one. It is still a weekday after all and it is easy to slip into a vacation mode when drinks are being purchased on the company. That being said, engaging in the social part of work is important and can benefit you in ways that holing up in your room to be the beacon of health can't. Live a little and enjoy! Then down a glass of water, hit the hay and set your alarm for your morning sweat sesh. Speaking of which - I am off to do that now.

Travel safe and kick butt out there ladies ;)