The Zest Approach: A Meal Plan & A Mindset

It might seem like a Meal Plan and Mindful Eating are two totally different things. A Meal Plan tells you what to eat in a prescriptive way, while Mindful Eating encourages you to tune in, listen to your body and eat in accordance with your internal hunger cues. 

At Zest, we believe there is a place for both

Nutrition Plan and Coaching

If you've never had any guidance or education on how much your body really needs, it may seem overwhelming, or terrifying even, to let your hunger cues alone guide your intake. Not to mention, women in particular, tend to spend years of their life ignoring those hunger cues due to a desire to be thin. Over time, the body's natural ability to provide hunger and satiety cues is dulled, making it difficult to eat mindfully. 

Just like we don't decide one day to run a marathon, then go out and crush 26.2 miles, we can't expect to master Mindful Eating without laying a solid foundation from which to build on.

The Zest Approach uses personalized Nutrition Plans as both a teaching tool and a launching pad, giving women the structure and foundation needed on the path to Mindful Eating.

Meal Plans

What the Zest Approach is NOT:

Calorie Counting >> Our personalized Nutrition Plans encourage eating a balance and variety of whole foods in the right proportion for each individual woman's body. What we eat is SO much more than calories in verse calories out, which is why calorie counting is NOT part of the equation.

Restrictive >> We promote an abundance of produce, mixed with lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and lots of flavor! We believe in creating delicious meals that will satisfy both your nutritional needs and your taste buds.

Boring >> There are endless ways to nourish your body. The more you learn and experiment, the more exciting and fulfilling fueling your life becomes. At Zest, we give you the tools and structure you need, but the flexibility to choose your favorite foods.

What the Zest Approach IS:

Personalized >> No two bodies are the same and no two women are the same. The Zest Approach recognizes the individuality of each woman and designs a plan unique to your lifestyle and goals.

Energizing >> We recommend balanced meals every 3-4 hours to keep your energy high and your spirits higher. No more afternoon slump or late-night binge. Stay satisfied all day long so you can take on the world like the super woman you are!

Fun >> With Zest on your team, there is no room for stress around eating. With the guidelines in place, you are freed up to get creative and enjoy your food. Not sure you will ever have fun in the kitchen? Check out our 5 Steps to Fall in Love with Cooking.

If you want to find your healthiest, happiest self, we now offer aN online Nutrition Plan Just For You to get you started!


If you want to dive deeper, we can work with you one-on-one to transition into a lifetime of Mindful Eating. Check out our Personal Coaching options and schedule a free 15-minute phone consult to figure out what is right for you!

We can't wait to team up with you!

Love & Zest,