Set Your Holiday intention in 4 Steps

Can you believe it is November?! The holidays are officially upon us. 

For some of us that brings excitement. For others, complete dread. For many, it signals the season of over-indulgence that will undoubtedly lead into a January weight loss program.

You guys, that DOES NOT have to be you this year! How silly is it to just assume you are doomed to gain the holiday poundage and lose sight of your vibrant, healthy life?! 

Certainly, the holidays are a time to enjoy your family traditions, both food related and not. But what if you could indulge in your holiday festivities AND feel amazing? Well, you can. And I am going to tell you how.

healthy holiday cookies

The secret is getting very clear about your intention 

So what the heck does that mean?

If you know exactly what it is you want, it makes it SO much easier to live in alignment with that intention and make decisions accordingly. When you act authentically to your innermost intention, there is no room for shame or guilt. You do you girl, with your head held high!

Before you set your intention, do me a favor


I'm serious. Don't stave off hunger all afternoon because you are going to a Friendsgiving later. Eat consistent, balanced meals, every 3-4 hours, honoring your hunger like you always do, because you take the Zest Approach to life ;) 

Contrary to what you might think, giving yourself unconditional permission to eat will free you up to eat more mindfully, based off your natural hunger cues. Instead of eating more, you will actually eat less. And you won't find yourself slaughtering a cookie buffet. WIN!

Now that you have given yourself the complete freedom to eat whenever you are hungry, it is time to set your intention

1. Focus on VALUES not OUTCOMES.

Set your intention based on the why, not the what. An outcome you desire could be: to maintain your current body weight throughout the holiday season. The value behind that outcome might be: to feel energized and confident all year long. 

2. Write down 3 outcomes that you want for yourself.

Get the tangible goals out on paper so you can further explore them. Understand that you may have little control over what happens in life and let yourself detach from these outcomes as you move into step 3. 

3. For each outcome, ask yourself why that is important to you.

This might take a little more time. Connect to the idea that although you can't control the outcome, you can control how you act in each individual circumstance. Write it all down and get clear about why you want the outcomes that you do. What are ways you can choose to act authentically in alignment with your why?

4. Write out one intention that speaks the loudest to you.

Create a physical reminder of that intention. This could be as simple as a slip of paper in your wallet with your hand written intention. Maybe you have a favorite necklace that will remind you of your intention each morning when you put it on. I personally like to set my intentions as passwords so I have to write them out several times per day as I log in and out of my email, social media accounts, etc. Get creative and make this yours.

Intention setting

I've gone through the 4 steps myself and my intention for the 2016 holidays is:

To celebrate connection with myself and others. 

No matter how the holiday season plays out, I value the relationships in my life and choose to take the holidays as a time to connect more deeply with those that have made it an EPIC 2016!

OK, your turn! If you are brave enough to share, please leave your holiday intention in the comments below.