5 steps to fall in love with cooking

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Do you dread making dinner? Are you just too busy to prepare home-cooked meals? Is cooking not one of your talents?

If you are nodding your head yes and waiting with hope for me to tell you the next best hack for eating healthy without lifting a finger in the kitchen, well... I should probably just apologize in advance.

Although there are certainly plenty of amazing companies and restaurants springing up, making healthful meals more accessible than ever before, nothing can replace the satisfaction and nourishment of food made with your own two hands, right in your own kitchen.

People often ask Anna and I how we find the time to eat nourishing breakfasts, pack healthy lunches and prepare home-cooked dinners with the busy schedules we keep. The answer: We want to. Spending time in the kitchen, experimenting with new ingredients, flavors and combinations is FUN! And investing time in the process of selecting and preparing foods you are excited to eat cultivates a positive energy around fueling your body that is hard to grasp with a grab-and-go salad (even if it is packed with kale, goji berries and avocados).

Our bodies do so much for us. The way we are able to give back is through movement and nourishment. When you come out of autopilot and start to care about, not only what, but also how you eat, you will be amazed at the positive relationship you can cultivate with food and your body.

So now you are asking yourself how in the world you will actually get excited about grocery shopping and meal prep.

Here’s how:

Step 1 – Skim our recipes and other recipe blogs we love (Edible Perspective, Oh She Glows, and Ambitious Kitchen to name a few) for inspiration.

Step 2 – Pick a few ingredients you want to experiment with. Including foods you have never cooked before, or maybe never even tried, can add to the fun. Not sure how to choose ingredients and flavors that go together? Check out the Flavor Bible. It can give you some great ideas!

flavor bible

Step 3 – Don’t be afraid to play with your food. The worst that can happen is a total recipe flop. At least you are one step closer to figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes the things that don’t turned out as planned end up being some of my favorite creations. Think of yourself as an artist in the kitchen and let your creativity run wild.

Play with your food. Healthy eating.

Step 4 – Approach mealtime with gratitude. Too cheesy? Are you giving me an eye roll? Stop. Think of something you are grateful for and your negativity to the idea will quickly fade. It is literally not possible to feel negativity and gratitude at the same time. Why is this important? Feeling grateful for mealtime will free you up from any negative energy about cooking, and will create space to be grateful for the opportunity to nourish your body. It might feel foreign at first if you don’t already have an established gratitude practice. But believe me, it works! It also helps establish a more positive body image, which in turn results in better food choices. We take better care of the things we love and are grateful for!

healthy eating support

Step 5 – Pat yourself on the back! You are a HERO! You are on your way to making cooking your new favorite hobby. See – healthy eating is fun!

As always, we love hearing your feedback. Let us know if there are any nutrition topics you want us to blog about and we are happy to oblige.

Make it an awesome week!