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Setting Value Based Nutrition Intention

Hey you!

We're two days into Week One of the 28-Day Zest Nutrition Bootcamp! It has been so fun to get so many of you fueling along with us!  We're already excited to do this again.... soon ;) 

(If you haven't yet signed up for the Bootcamp, don't worry, you can join us anytime between now and February 5th). 

As rewarding as this experience is, we won't deny, developing this Nutrition Bootcamp was a challenge.


Because Eat With Zest is not into prescriptive "eat this, not that" arbitrary food rules. We don't believe there is one, and only one, right way to eat. 

Nutrition is not one-size fits all.

What makes you feel your best, is probably not what best fuels me. Not to mention, we don't all have the same goals. Megan, on the verge of qualifying for the Boston Marathon has very different nutrition needs than me, trying to fatten up that bun in the oven (yes, I've been doing a lot of baking :) If interested in more of my baby-making journey, read this post on fertility foods. 

Faced with the challenge of developing a Nutrition Bootcamp that could meet the needs of such a diverse group of women, we decided to start by making it uniquely yours. The Bootcamp kicks off by teaching you to set your values-based intentions, a process adapted from the oh-so-lovely and inspiring, Jess Lively. 

There are some basic nutrition principles that can support us all, like choosing real food that is minimally processed and nutrient dense. (Check out our Nutrition For You blog for more specifics on how we teach women to fuel.) Delicious, whole foods, prepared simply, is the backbone for the 28-Day Nutrition Bootcamp. Beyond that, you set your intention to make this Bootcamp serve you. 

Last week, Megan shared her intention, to give you a taste of how this works and how it can help you get what you truly want out of 2017. 

Now, I want to share my intention. Below, I go through the steps outlined in the Bootcamp:

1. Identify my values: Regarding my health & wellbeing, what is most important to me?

My values: moving & living light-heartedly || impenetrable confidence in my inner strength & joy || open-hearted acceptance of each experience || 

2. Set my intention: a simple, memorable phrase that captures my values. 

My intention: To move & fuel in a way that lightens my life and opens me up to greater joy and acceptance.  



1. This intention does not explicitly list all of my values. That's ok. The intention is just my reminder. By bringing this phrase to mind, it helps me center and connect to my values - it's the embodiment of the values that matters, not each specific word. 

2. My intention is purposefully open-ended. You can make yours more specific, but steer clear of outcome based goals (read this).  

With a baby growing inside of me for the first time, I don't know what to expect. I can't control what's going to happen or how I will feel. Thus, it doesn't make much sense for me to try and hold myself to a certain diet or exercise regimen. 

For me, this Nutrition Bootcamp is about the structure to give myself and my baby-to-be optimal nutrition, while allowing space to fluctuate moment-to-moment from nausea to hungry enough to eat a horse, and letting it all be ok. In this phase of life, my intention is about staying open to whatever happens and lightening up! 

Now you set your intention and make this Bootcamp serve you! 

Will you share?

We encourage everyone to share your values-based intentions. 

If you've never shared something so personal before, yes, it makes you feel self-conscious. Yes, there are voices in your head saying, "What's the point? Who cares what I do?" If it's scary or if you're facing internal resistance, all the more reason to walk out on the limb!

You won't believe how powerful it is to share your intention.

First, it's helpful for your own process.

  1. Sharing makes you actually do it :) It's all too easy to read all of this and skip the intention part, which is the most important part! 
  2. Sharing makes you go deeper, getting even clearer why you're doing this.
  3. Finally, by sharing with others, there's an added layer of accountability - there are others who know what you committed to and they want to see you succeed! 

Second, it really does help others for you to share your intention. How? 

  1. Sometimes we get stumped and it helps to see how others approach this. 
  2. Sometimes it's so refreshing and relieving to remember how not-alone we are in our struggles. 
  3. Bootcamp is hard! It's incredibly motivating to learn what keeps others going past the roadblocks. What if by sharing your intention, you help someone else stick with it who might otherwise drop out?!?

To share your intention, comment in the box below this blog, or post your intention on either Facebook or Instagram, being sure to tag @eatwithzest // #28DaysofZest.

Love & Zest!