5 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Eat Egg Yolks

Are egg yolks healthy? 

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Eggs are one of my absolute favorites. Like a little kid, plain old scrambled eggs is a comfort food for me - simple & easy! 

Back in the day, when the world was scared of fat, I tried egg-white scrambles. Just not the same. Not only do egg whites lack the rich flavor, they also never kept me satisfied. This is likely because the yolks have the (healthy) fats that stave off hunger, but also because the yolks have almost all the nutrients. 

It's worth mentioning that egg whites are a great source of protein. No one's saying skip the whites, just saying eat the whole food, in it's natural form, unless is it's a delicious meringue ;) 

Are egg yolks bad for you? 

I seriously consider eggs to be one of nature's finest superfoods. "But what about the cholesterol?!", I hear you asking. Well, there's good news. Researchers have found that cholesterol from your food is not associated with a greater risk for heart disease. The most recent Dietary Guidelines dropped the recommended limit on dietary cholesterol. So, when eating nourishing, real foods, like eggs and shrimp, that happen to have cholesterol, don't sweat it. 

Now, that we've cleared up the cholesterol issue, back to eggs! 

5 Surprising Health Benefits from Egg Yolks: 

1. Weight Control: A research study out of Louisiana State University found that obese women who ate 2 egg breakfasts for at least 5 days per week, lost 65% more fat than women who ate bagels, even though the total calorie intake for each breakfast was the same. 

This effect is likely because eggs are more satisfying and nutrient dense than refined carbs, like bagels. They are packed with protein to help build lean muscle (they make great recovery fuel) and healthy fats that curb your appetite. The egg yolks are also particularly rich in metabolism-boosting B vitamins. 

2. Brain Power: Egg yolks happen to be one of the few food sources of choline, a nutrient that an estimated 90% of Americans are deficient in.

Choline is super important. It is needed for cell membrane development, cancer prevention and it helps eliminate fat from your liver. It also boosts your memory and brain power. 

If you've been reading along, you'll know I've been focused on fertility foods these days ;). Choline is also needed in higher quantity during pregnancy and breastfeeding for baby brain development. Pregnant ladies, have 3 eggs a day (just be sure they're cooked all the way through).

3. Breast Cancer Prevention: Numerous studies have found a link between eating eggs and decreased risk of breast cancer. This benefit is attributed to the choline, as well as the antioxidants (zeaxanthin and lutein) that give the yolk a deep golden-hue. 

4. Strong Immunity. Egg yolks provide zinc and iron, nutrients that women are often lacking in their diet. Both zinc and iron kick your immune system into gear by helping to fight infection and illness. Flu shots are not your only defense this winter; real food is also on your side! 

5. Mood Boost. Vitamin D is all the rage these days, for good reason. During the winter months (or even during the summer if you're wearing sunblock), it's nearly impossible to get all the vitamin D you need. Why should you care? The list of reasons is long, including the fact that those with low vitamin D levels are also more likely to suffer from depression. Liver and sardines happen to be the most abundant sources of vitamin D, followed by egg yolks. So unless you're a big liver eater, eat eggs and smile! 

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Share your favorite egg recipes in the comments box below. We love hear from you! 

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