Guest Blog by Hustle + Brussel!

The amazing ladies at Hustle + Brussel are doing a blog swap with us this week! We think they are fantastic and we know you will too! Jaime and Georgia are both brand spanking new Registered Dietitians + biz partners, so they headed to the Food and Nutrition Conference to network with thousands of other nutrition professionals. Below you can read one of their key takeaways from the event and be inspired that health really does come at every size!

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Meet the mighty powerhouse team at Hustle + Brussel (Left: Jaime, Right: Georgia)

Meet the mighty powerhouse team at Hustle + Brussel (Left: Jaime, Right: Georgia)

Thanks for the post ladies! Keep spreading that awesome positivity! 

Even Dietitians Come in Different Shapes & Sizes

written by: Hustle + Brussel

There's kind of this assumption that dietitians are the "food police" and that they eat so healthy ALL the time.  They (we) are expected to look a certain way - a way that society has created as the ideal body image.

As dietitians (and almost dietitians), dining out with friends who are non-dietitians is always quite the experience. There's an expectation to choose a salad, with dressing on the side, some lean protein - oh, and definitely lay off the bacon & cheese! 


When we dine out, our bodies definitely crave all the veggie dishes. It is nearly impossible to resist ordering a plate of brussels...sometimes with pork belly and slathered in sauces. But, other times, there's nothing as satisfying as a BIG juicy cheeseburger with sweet potato fries. We might even be so inclined to order dessert. 

So, just thinking about this image of a "dietitian"..the expected look, weight, body type, etc...we were struck by lightning at the beautiful varieties of bodies surrounding us at the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo we attended in Boston last month.

It suddenly became clear that dietitians are the perfect model of health. Not in the traditional "model" sense, but in the way that they perfectly know their own bodies - from making healthy food choices, to celebrations with cake, to acceptance in the skin they live in.

THE TRUTH: We ALL come in different shapes and sizes - apple, pear, and everything in-between. 

We love food. ALL types of it! We sampled yogurts and salads, but also treated ourselves to ice cream. We embrace our food relationship. Our relationships with food are beautiful. And, we are all beautiful. 

Attending a conference as big as that (8000 DIETITIANS holy cow!), and representing a brand that is near and dear to our hearts, we realized our true mission at Hustle + Brussel. And that is to encourage acceptance in allowing our minds and bodies to be at peace. To engage in healthy behaviors like exercise, eating more plant-based foods, and creating time for mental space and sleep; BUT ALSO to indulge in your favorite (and maybe not necessarily healthy) foods AND still feeling good in your own skin. Better than good. SMOKIN! 

You're probably like, slow down buddy. This is for sure a challenge. Even for ourselves. But it is a dream...and we like to dream. And, baby we are in it to win it. 


Jaime and Georgia