Get Exactly What You Want in 2017

Happy New Year!!!

Anyone set some goals for 2017? So did we! But we are going about it a bit differently this year, thanks to amazing guidance from Jess Lively, and we hope you will join us.

I recently wrote a blog for Hustle + Brussel that walks through this refreshed approach to goal setting as it relates to exercise, using my goal of qualify for the Boston Marathon as an example. Definitely check it out if you have fitness aspirations in 2017.

Here, we will walk through this refreshed approach, along with another example, to guide us towards continued motivation and fulfillment in the New Year.

So what is this framework that can help you set meaningful goals and not get burned out by February? Let me explain.

Keep in mind that, in this framework, we speak of goals as specific outcomes and intentions as being rooted in our core values. What we encourage you to get clear about this year are your intentions. Once your intentions are clearly identified, the next step is to set goals that authentically support those intentions.

Let’s use a popular example for the New Year, and possibly among those of you joining the 28 Day Zest Bootcamp.


Example: To lose weight in the New Year.


Weight loss is an outcome-based goal, hinging on success or failure. Intentions are more forgiving. Outcome-based goals are great and definitely serve a purpose, but are most effective and authentic when based on your deepest core values.

What is it about losing weight that is valuable to you? Don’t immediately settle on the answer you think sounds good to others, but truly identify the reason that losing weight is important to YOU in YOUR life.

Maybe it is self-confidence you are seeking. Maybe you are after a greater sense of vitality. Maybe you like how energizing it feels as the pounds fall off. Maybe you enjoy tuning in to your authentic self and that often comes along with a weight loss journey. These are just a few values (confidence, vitality, energized living, authenticity) that may be driving your outcome-based goal (weight loss).

What does that mean?? It means getting to the WHY behind the what. If your goals are not based on what really matters to you most, you are not intrinsically motivated to stick with them. This is why New Years resolutions run on repeat each year, because we set goals that don’t resonate with our value-based intentions.

So what if instead of setting an outcome-based goal this year, you flipped it upside-down and set a value-based intention?


Example: To feel energized and confident in my own skin by living fully and authentically.


This value-based intention supports your weight loss goal, but without hinging your happiness on one outcome. With your intention top of mind, you allow yourself the space to truly live in accordance with your core values, meaning each day, right now, you get to achieve exactly what it is you want. You do not have to wait for an outcome that may or may not come.


Example: you never lose weight, but each day you choose what makes you feel energized, empowers confidence and authentically allows you to live life to the fullest. In a traditional sense you “fail” at your goal. However, within this framework, you get to be successful every day because you are continually living your intention. This does not depend on a specific outcome or anything else out of your control that may prevent you from achieving that outcome. As it turns out, weight loss is not the pillar of happiness you glorified it to be. In fact, the intention behind the weight loss goal is really what you were after all along.


Let’s now look at this from a different angle – the perspective of achieving your goal without rooting it in a value-based intention.


Example: You lose weight throughout the month of January. Congratulations! However, you never connected that goal to an intention. February rolls around and you start to feel dissatisfied with your original weight loss achievement. You decide you could lose more weight; you could be more toned, or more fit.


Been there? Us too. The next best thing is always out there and dissatisfaction can easily creep back in until the next tangible outcome is achieved.

How exhausting! How difficult it becomes to ever be satisfied with exactly who you are, where you are and what you are. But, when we root our goals in a value-based intention, we get to be enough, day after day after day. When we live our values, regardless of the outcome, that is where joy and satisfaction reside.

This can be yours in 2017! Set your goals, but understand WHY they are important to you. There are countless values that might be at the root of your goals, so get out a pen and paper and really take the time to do some self-reflection. Write it down.

I wrote mine down and, to kick off another amazing year, I’d like to share my 2017 intentions and supporting goals with you.



  1. To be mindfully engaged in the present moment.
  2. To allow myself space to simply be.
  3. To push my physical and mental limit while honoring what truly feels good in my body and mind.

Supporting Goals:

  1. To discontinue scrolling social media while in bed, both at night and in the morning.
  2. To read one book per month.
  3. To qualify for the Boston Marathon.


If you need help while setting your intentions and goals, we are here for you! Reach out!

In the 28 Day Zest Bootcamp we walk you through your own step-by-step intention setting to help you get really clear about what you want in 2017. Sign up before we kick it off on January 9th!

This year is yours for the taking! Be authentically you and get what’s yours!

Love & Zest,