Batch Cooking: 3 Ways to Get Started Today

This week is a very exciting week because my sister, Amy, and her husband, Rick, welcomed twins into the world!!!! They were early at 31 weeks 3 days, but just like their mama, they are go getters and they couldn't wait to start life. As a very proud Auntie Megs, I am happy to report they are very healthy and should be able to go home from the NICU in a couple of weeks!

When Amy called to tell me she was in labor, I immediately booked a flight to the Bay Area to be there for her, Rick and the babies. It was one of the most magical experiences watching my big sister become a mom and I am absolutely in love with Maddie and Carter (how cute are those names??!!).

Since there was not much I could do at the hospital, I decided to put my talents to use, and with the help of my best friend, Kelly, and her husband, Shane, we batch cooked like maniacs. Seriously. We made so much food! But, the good news is, Amy and Rick now have options on hand other than hospital food and looking at this picture they sent over today, it looks like it was well worth it :)

Some of the questions we get most often at Zest are:

  • How can I make quick, healthy dinners?
  • When I am on-the-go during the week, how do I make nutritious choices?
  • I am so rushed in the morning, how can I find time for breakfast?

The answer to all of these questions: BATCH COOK

If you can master this one task, your life will literally become so much easier! I want to help you get started right away, so below you will find 3 things to do THIS WEEK to get you rolling.

1. Cook a pot of whole grains while you are getting ready for work in the morning.

Whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, millet, farro, buckwheat, etc) are the perfect base for a nourishing dinner, great tossed in salads at lunch and even make an amazing breakfast when heated up with banana, cinnamon and nut butter (I eat a version of this almost every single morning). 

If you haven't already, sign up for our free Success In Six program and you will get our guide to batch cooking whole grains. 

Make a BIG batch, so you can use it all week long in a variety of ways.

2. Chop Veggies while you are watching a TV show at night.

I know there are a select few of you that are perfect and never watch TV. But most of us have a few things we like to watch as the night winds down. This is the perfect time to chop up your veggies for the week. 

One of the biggest barriers to eating more vegetables is not having them readily available. If you've already washed and chopped them, the work is basically done. From there you can steam, roast or eat them raw in no time at all! 

3. Find 10 minutes to Make a mason jar full of sauce.

If you have grains, veggies and sauce ready-to-go, you are a can of beans, a hard boiled egg, or some grilled chicken away from a complete meal. It makes throwing together healthy weeknight dinners, lunches to-go and quick breakfasts a snap.

Check out our recipes for nourishing sauces and dressings, or whip up your own favorite.   

If you can't get motivated to do it for yourself. Do it for the TWINWITTS!

Happy batch cooking!