5 Ways to Jump Back Into Your Healthiest Self

We’re back!!! We have missed Our Zest Family so much and are seriously excited to be up and running again with a brand spanking new site!

But, you know what is more fun than jumping back in? Having all of your gal pals dive in with you. That means you!

If you are ready to take the plunge with us, check out the 5 ways we can work together to help you find your healthiest & happiest self.

Pssst... Number 5 is a BRAND NEW option (COMING SOON!!) and works in 3 simple steps. You are going to LOVE it and so will all of your friends! If anyone in your life is interested in a personalized nutrition plan, please help us spread the word!  Let’s make it a party!


Jump-start your journey to a healthier & happier you. This three-week program will help you find your groove by learning the fundamentals of what and how to eat. Program features:

  • A meal plan personalized to your body, your goals and your lifestyle
  • The essentials of nourishing your body to give you the energy and nutrients needed to thrive
  • Developing a mindset for long-term success by forming intentions to guide your decisions and build your confidence



This six-week program is for those of you truly serious about eating what’s right for your body and fueling your life from the inside out. If you’re ready to transform your body, your mindset and your life, this option is for you. Program features all that is listed above for the Three-Week Jump-Start, plus: 

  • A personalized grocery store tour or private class on batch cooking & weekly meal prep
  • Intuitive Eating 101 - learn to listen to your body once and for all



After your three- or six- week program, this refresher is a great way to come back to your intention, strengthen areas of opportunity and boost your confidence as you continue your health journey.



This option is for continuing email guidance after completing your three- or six-week program. You send us your food logs. We send you unlimited feedback, recommendations and support. We all need an accountability buddy!



Want structure and a plan tailored to your life without the coaching? This is the plan for you.

  1. You tell us about yourself
  2. Then we tell you what, when and how much to eat using a flexible meal planning system.
  3. You pick the foods that you love within our guidelines, offering just the right balance of structure and flexibility.  

You’re the best new thing to happen to Our Zest Family & we can’t wait to work with you!

Love & Zest,

Megan and Anna