Top 3 Tips to Fuel Your Party

Out of the 8,760 hours in 2015, we are in the final few - the countdown! Just like you, we are ready to make them count. We want to celebrate the wins, the moments, the memories that all of these hours have held, while raising a glass to the journey that awaits us in the year to come.

As we think about putting our goals in motion and starting 2016 empowered, the last thing we want is to wake up on January 1st feeling defeated. Together, let's make tonight a celebration that lights us on fire and catapults us into action. Come tomorrow morning we will jump out of bed, ready to charge into the new year. Yea? YES!

The top 3 tips to party like it's 2016 and start off the new year ready to take on the world:

1. Eat before you drink.

We don't care how skin tight your dress is, you have to start the night out nourished. Drinking on an empty stomach is a sure fire way to find yourself 3 sheets to the wind with your face in the bowl of chips. When we take care of our body by feeding it right, we are much more likely to keep it going throughout the night.

Sit down to a balanced meal of veggies, whole grains and lean protein before stepping out.

2. Hydrate.

Did your mom ever tell you to have a glass of water for every adult beverage you have? Well, turns out she was right. One of the main reasons we wake up feeling hungover after a night of drinking is dehydration.

Order a water on the rocks with a twist for every glass of champagne you take back and you will feel brilliant and beautiful in 2016.

3. Take a power nap.

If you can swing it, treat yourself to 15-30 minutes of beauty rest in the afternoon, then follow it with a quick sweat session (20 minute dance party anyone?).  It is a long night ahead and we want to stay with it until the ball drops. Feeling sleepy triggers a natural reaction to reach for quick energy (ie caffeine, alcohol or that holiday spread with sugar laden treats). That energy burns bright, but burns out fast.  

A power nap followed by a well-fueled, energy-boosting workout is the ticket to ride to ring in 2016 in style.

Wherever tonight takes you, we hope it is spent in pure celebration - you deserve it! You are one awesome super fox and 2016 better get ready because you are gonna burn it down!