Class Pass for a Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015! This is your year. 

A blank 12-month canvas lies ahead of you. In this moment you are not tied to labels from the past, nor are you committed to expectations for the future. Today, carve out some time to exist in this space. Simply be. Instead of thinking up all of the resolutions you "should" set this year, try to quiet the mind and just listen. Listen without judgement, without criticism. What comes up? It is from this space of self-awareness that we can start to create healthy, lasting intentions for the year to come. 

I got a little jump start on one of my intentions for 2015 thanks to ClassPass. I have participated and enjoyed endurance sports for over 8 years, but when I truly listened to what my body was craving this year, it was not another marathon. By no means have I hung up my running shoes, but I needed a little variety, strengthening, cross-training and just plain fun! So what is ClassPass and how did it help me accomplish this?

ClassPass is a monthly membership that allows members to take unlimited boutique fitness classes at the best studios in their city. For $99 per month, ClassPassers can enjoy spin, yoga, kickboxing, bar, bootcamps, zumba... the list goes on. The one caveat, members can only visit each studio 3 times per monthly membership cycle. With all of the studio options, this is rarely a hindrance. 

ClassPass made their Portland debut at the end of November and I am already an official ClassPass believer. I think I was sore the entire month of December. The good kind of sore. The kind that energizes you and doesn't break you down. Sore from moving my body in completely new ways and discovering workouts I am now totally obsessed with. I fell in love with the reformer at FireBrand (let me tell you, it's called "Fire" for a reason, it will burn). My strength was challenged at Fulcrum Fitness and it is now part of my weekly routine. The people at Pil-oga-robic embraced me with kindness. I rekindled my love affair with YogaSculpt at CorePower. Not to mention, I saw so many new ClassPass faces at Revocycle where I teach the bright and early 5:45am spin class on Tuesday/Thursday. 

To top it all off, I met lots of new people at the various studios I explored and had a ton of fun! If you are looking for a fresh approach to fitness this year, it goes without saying that I highly recommend joining the ClassPass movement. I will be continuing my membership as we head into 2015. #passthehappy

One last thing before I end and continue to enjoy the new year... My Banana "Bakie" recipe as promised to those who joined me for the Revocycle New Years Day spin class. I brought them as a healthy treat to share after class and I guess they were a hit! Thank you again to everyone who brought their amazing energy into the studio this morning. It was one heck of a ride! 

Ok, signing off. Happy New Year!!!