A Resolution of RADitude*

As 2016 gets going at a roaring pace with new goals to conquer and resolutions to achieve, I am staging a silent rebellion. Yes, eating more broccoli, working out more and getting a promotion at work are all noble and worthwhile pursuits.

Yet, I wonder;

  • Are these constant quests to be better actually helpful? 

  • Why is the emphasis on what needs to change?

  • When am I going to be good enough? 

  • Will there come a time when I get to just sit back and enjoy? 

In a world that expects us to perform as nurturing mothers, leaders in the workplace and lively social entertainers, all while maintaining an unattainably thin figure and an always-up-for-fun, care-free attitude, I am resolving to make 2016 a year of appreciation for all that I have.  

Like most of you, I am also working on eating healthier, training better, sleeping more, the list goes on.... But, before pushing myself to always be better, I am taking a moment to reflect on how lucky I am to have bountiful, nourishing food, supportive family, fun friends, a healthy body, a heart that loves, a passion for my work and a dog that loves to cuddle. 

I found this fantastic meditation on gratitude that I’m so excited to share with you! It only takes 10 minutes and talks you through brief reflections on all the things in life to be grateful for. 

Did you know, that it is impossible to feel stressed or fearful when feeling grateful?!

My resolution is to do this RADitude* Reflection everyday for the month of January. I invite you all to join me and let us know how goes. Share your experience by commenting on our blog, on Facebook or on Instagram using the hashtag #ResolutionRaditude. 

I hope this meditation brings you a year of ease and joy!

Happy New Year!!!!

*RADitude: The practice of feeling grateful for your own innate rad-ness.