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Zest Bootcamp on Tablet

Bootcamp starts October 1st!

Learn the essential steps to fuel your life from the inside out, all while enjoying 28 days of delicious, nourishing food! 

Weekly shopping lists

weekly meal plans (including breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks per day)

easy, nutritionally balanced recipes for a healthy weight and more energy

batch cooking instructions to make it simple

All downloadable to your phone, tablet and computer for easy accessibility at the store, in the kitchen and on-the-go!

$45 // October 1-28, 2017


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bootcamp testimonials


"...this boot camp has been amazing for me! It has really shed some light on some imbalances in my nutrition, my energy level and how to eat everything again. I feel amazing! I have gotten many comments about how my skin looks so clear and even. I have 2 active boys in sports and music so our days are super busy. This has completely simplified mealtime in the healthiest way. I've lost 5 pounds and have felt deeply nourished and satisfied every day. I am recommending Eat With Zest to my friends and students mostly for the deep awareness piece."


"The most amazing part of your recipes is they are SO quick and simple, full of healthy nutritious ingredients, and super tasty!  I can't even express how awesome it's been to have healthy convenient foods that I can make for my family.  The morning oats and morning smoothies have been the best addition to our weekly menu as I can just grab and head to teach class.  This has changed the energy I have for my day AND lessened stress in my life knowing that I'm living in line with my commitment to health.  I can't thank you enough for the jump start back to healthy eating that I can manage with my new life as a mama! I'm raving about your blog and sharing with my friends and family!"


"Holy chocolate zucchini muffins, and soba noodle salad, and chocolate mint smoothies, and yam/feta frittata!! So many things we are enjoying as a family, and my heart is so full as I make each of these dishes with the upcoming week in mind, knowing I will be well fed and less stressed. My boys just asked me to put their food in jars for them tomorrow, so they can be healthy, too   Such a wonderful experience! I don’t want it to be over, so I’m starting back on week 1 once this week is done. Phenomenal work putting this menu together, and making the process so fun!"